Building Regulation


Any proposed building on Greenpark by shareholders must be approved by the Building and Development Committee before commencement. A copy of the Building and Development Regulations together with the Building Application form and Water Connection Request can be downloaded from this site. Shareholders should be aware that the Municipal Council of Naivasha also need to approve building blueprints/plans before commencement.

The Building and Development Committee is elected annually from members who are not directors. The Committee is responsible for the approval of all building plans and enforcement of regulations.

The objectives of the Building and Development Committee:

To maintain the value and superiority of the estate and ensure that the beauty of its natural environment, flora and fauna is protected and enhanced for the future generations.

To promote good community relations and neighbourliness.

To approve and monitor all building developments.

To take necessary action when regulations are contravened.

To act as an advisory body to individual developers.

Building plans should be submitted to the Chairman of the Building and Development Committee, Green Park Water Services Ltd. P. O. Box 1916. Naivasha 20117 using the forms for‘’Application to Build’’ and "Applications for Water Connection."

Download Building Regulations