Dwelling – A dwelling is each and every ‘home’ constructed on a plot in accordance with the building committee rules and regulations and as determined by that committee.

Undeveloped Plot – This is a plot where no dwellings have been constructed.

GPWS – Abbreviation for Green Park Water Services Ltd, being the company established by the Developers to manage the affairs of, and provided services to, the plot owners of plots subdivided originally from plot L.R. 420/16 and all its subsequent subdivisions (except those owned by GRVL) known as “Green Park”. Every owner of a ‘plot’ is required to become a shareholder in GPWS to secure services.

GRVL. – Abbreviation for Great Rift Valley Lodge which owns the golf course development and all related properties and facilities. GRVL have a mutually beneficial relationship with similar and complementary interests in the standards, control, and development of Green Park. GRVL and GPWS provide benefits and services to each other that is reflected in, and captured by, the terms and conditions of the agreement between them.


Purchase and sale of plots

If you intend to sell your plot, you must provide the purchaser with a copy of the Building Regulations and Guidelines and ensure that all outstanding payments due to GPWS are paid.

Share Certificates

These are issued by the Company Secretaries (ESR) on production of a Transfer which has been completed and stamped and a Board Resolution. Each plot owner must have a share in order to enable them to receive services. Margret Kanja (Director and Secretary to the board) can help with any queries.

Annual Cost Reimbursement in (ACR) including Water and Water Rates

GPWS manages the Green Park Estate and in particular provides the following services;




Formulation and implementation of regulations

Overseeing Building Committee and control over buildings on Greenpark

Other services as needed

GPWS charges each plot owner each year an amount calculated to raise adequate funds to cover the costs it incurs in providing those services, including investment in infrastructure. This is known as the Annual Cost Reimbursement (ACR).

The improvements brought about by the Annual Charges enhance the estate and contribute towards the ever increasing value of shareholder’s properties.

These Charges are set by the Board and are adjusted in line to meet costs. Annual Management and Maintenance Charges at present stand at: Ksh. 281,880 Incl of VAT per plot.


The plot owners are all the owners of each and every subdivision of the original plot number, existing on 1st July of each calendar year, excluding those plots owned by GRVL.

Every plot owner is charged annually one ACR, including the first dwelling constructed thereon, plus an additional ACR for every additional dwelling. Except, where an owner owns additional undeveloped plots, the second and subsequent undeveloped plots will each be charged annually only 50% of one ACR per additional plot.

a. Ksh. 281,880 Incl of VAT payable in full on or before 1st August of every year.

b.Four installments of 70,470 Incl. VAT each payable by standing order on 31st August, 30th November, 28th February and 31st May respectively or

c.Twelve installments of Ksh 23,490 each payable by standing order on the 1st day of each month throughout the year.

For those choosing to pay by standing order options (b) or (c) we need a copy of your duly completed instruction to your bankers before the 1st August. It must be clearly marked with your name, Plot no and  telephone contact and should direct payments to Greenpark Water Services Ltd bank account.

Any payments not received on the due date will be subject to a late payment penalty of 10% plus interest at the rate of 2% per month until payment is made.

In the event outstanding debts have not been paid then services, including supply of water, will be discontinued to the plot until full payment has been made. Any amount remaining overdue for period exceeding 12 months will be handed to lawyers for collection.

Approval for transfer of shares by the Board of GPWS Ltd and approvals by the building committee for building will only be considered for those who have no debts with GPWS Ltd.


The Building Committee encourages all shareholders to incorporate a rainwater catchment tank on their property to help conserve the underground water levels. However, on application and payment of water connection/deposit charges, Greenpark will connect water meter to the boundary of the plot. The water is pumped up from the Greenpark boreholes. It should be noted that this water is not suitable for drinking. Application for water connection can be downloaded here

On Application there is an independent plumber that shareholders can contact through the Estate Manager

Water Meters are read on a monthly basis and usage of water is charged at a current price of Ksh 150 +VAT per cubic meter metre for the first 50 cubic Metres and thereafter Ksh 200 per cubic metres for additional/ subsequent consumption in the month . Invoices are dispatched via email. Payment is due 30 days from date of issue of invoice. If payment is not received within 30 days of invoice then the water connection will be disconnected. In order to be reconnected, the plot owner will need to clear their outstanding fees and in addition pay a reconnection fee of Ksh. 10,000. Any debts outstanding to Greenpark Water Services Ltd by any plot owner will result in loss of all services including water provision until these debts have been cleared.


Additional Charges in the form of levies that is beneficial to the majority of plot owners, may from time to time, be charged for improvements to Greenpark development if the by the Board of Directors